Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
5:03 pm
Registration & Dealers Open
The Battle begins! Badges must be worn at all times including the Dealers' Rooms.
6:01 pm
Official Welcome (Free Snacks!)
6:05 pm
Lecture #1 - Matt Fore - Practical Magic
7:30 pm
Duel of the Dealers (Bring money!)
Get incredible deals on some amazing magic! Wait till you see what the dealers .
8:00 pm
The Big Bodacious Battle Begins... Meet the teams going head to head in this year's #YouthLedEvent!
9:30 pm
Lecture #2 - Justin Miller
10:30 pm
Lecture #3 - Anson Lee
11:45 pm
Mark Miller's Late-Late-Night Card Jam!
Friday, May 4, 2018
8:04 am
Registration/Information Open
9:00 am
Lecture #4 - Entertainer's Marketing Academy
10:30 am
Lecture #5 - Chris Sipes, Joe Silkie & John Ferrentino
1:30 pm
The Bob Filips Close-up Contest
3:30 pm
Grand Close-Up Show   
6:30 pm
Ballroom Doors Open / Cash Bar Opens
Social - Impromptu Time..Mingle, Drink and do a little magic for friends!
7:00 pm
Tawlk amongst yourselves!!!
7:30 pm
All Star Extravaganza Show
Anson Lee
Joe Silkie
Chris Sipes
Neale Bacon

9:30 pm
Lecture #6 - Ted & Marion Outerbridge
11:00 pm
John Ferrentino presents the act that is a Magic Castle favorite...
"Do Spirits Return?"
Saturday, May 5, 2018
8:00 am
Registration/Information Open
Wear your badges!
9:00 am
Stage Contest - Chester Gault M.C.
Remember - in order to vote, you need to be present for the whole contest!
10:30 am
Special Event - Creating a Winning Act - Stuart MacDonald
     Competing and winning at every major US convention...
        Fooling Penn & Teller...
            and then being invited to represent the US at FISM...

For the first time ever, Stuart MacDonald reveals the behind-the-scenes steps he has taken (and YOU can take!) to creating a winning act.

1:00 pm
Lecture #7 - Xavior Spade
2:30 pm
Lecture #8 - Andres Hinojosa
4:00 pm
Special Performance - Horret Wu
4:15 pm
Contest Award Presentations
Last Minute Deals from the Dealers (Bring money!)
The Really Big Raffle (Bring more money!)
8:00 pm
27th Annual BIG Headliner Show

Palace Theatre
605 Market Ave. N,
Canton, OH 44702

Matt Fore, M.C.

Stuart MacDonald
Contest Winner
Neale Bacon
John Ferrentino
Matt Fore

11:00 pm
The Famous Outrageously Awesome Grand Party!
NEW THIS YEAR: Award for the best CINCO De MAYO costume!

Dance, party, and have fun with world famous magicians, celebrities and weird people you've never even heard of...

"Copied But Never Duplicated"

As always, our food is free! And so is our parking!
(To convention registrants... not to freeloaders!)


In the event of tragedy, acts of God, acts of dogs, really bad acts, extreme acne, or if we just feel like it, this schedule is subject to change without notice or warning... Thank you!

Next year's Battle is gonna be GREAT!

"Yeah, that's right... it's #28!

(So go right now and save the date!)

May 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2019

Call ahead seating now available: (330) 494-2623

HEY! You know you're coming... so go register now while you're thinking about it!

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In the event of tragedy, acts of God, acts of dogs, really bad acts,
extreme acne, or if we just feel like it, all acts, events and schedule
are subject to change without notice or warning... Thank you!