What is the Battle of Magicians?




  1. All contestants must be fully registered for the Convention. Acts will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

  2. There is a $10.00 Contest Registration Fee for the Stage Competition that must be paid prior to performing in this category.

  3. There is a $10.00 Contest Registration Fee for the Close-Up Competition that must be paid prior to performing in this category.

  4. Contestants will perform only once in each category.

  5. The Contests will be limited to ten acts in each category. Once each category is filled, that Contest will be closed. In the event there are less than six (6) contestants in a category, only first and second place awards will be given.

  6. Both Contests have no age limits.

  7.  Acts are requested to perform between 8 to 10 minutes. Any act that exceeds 12 minutes will be subject to disqualification.

  8. The drawing for the order of the contestants will be held prior to each event. Both Close-Up and Stage Contestants are required to meet with the respective MCís to determine contest position. Please check with the Convention Registration desk personnel when you arrive as to the time and place of your meeting.

  9. Once the order of the Contestants has been established there will be no trading places among the Contestants. Each act must be ready to perform in the order drawn.

  10. Winners will be chosen by Magicianís Decision. Convention registrants will have two votes in the Stage and Close-Up Contests. They will vote for their top two favorite acts. The magician receiving the highest number of votes will be the FIRST PLACE WINNER in that category. The performer receiving the second highest number of votes will be the SECOND PLACE WINNER. The third highest vote getter will be the THIRD PLACE WINNER. Decision of the audience is final.

  11. All tabulations will be verified by an electronic calculator.

  12. In addition to the prize money, the First Place winner of the Stage Contest must perform his/her act on the Saturday Night Headliner and Sunday Afternoon Matinee Show at the Canton Palace Theatre.

  13. All Contestants must be backstage one hour prior to their respective contests.

  14. If you have been previously hired to perform at this convention, you are ineligible to participate in either contest.

  15. By order of the fire marshall, no acts shall be permitted to use fire or pyro of any kind.

  16. Non-compliance with the above rules will result in disqualification.

  17. Upon registering, the contest rule sheet will be sent to you for you to sign, date and promptly return to guarantee your status as a contestant.

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In the event of tragedy, acts of God, acts of dogs, really bad acts,
extreme acne, or if we just feel like it, all acts, events and schedule
are subject to change without notice or warning... Thank you!