SHAWN FARQUHAR (Canada) Shawn has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. He has appeared on television shows such as the ‘X-Files’ and ‘Highlander’, in Motion Pictures like ‘Spooky House’ and ‘The Fly II’, for corporate clients like I.B.M. and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise ships such as Norwegian Star and Radiance of the Seas.  This recent President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians has appeared at some of the biggest and best magic events in the world including London’s famed ‘Magic Circle’, Siegfried and Roy’s ‘World Magic Seminar’ and the world’s largest magic convention in Blackpool, England. Now he is appearing at the “International Battle of Magicians” (Hopefully his career will pick back up again!) Shawn will perform on the ‘Big Headliner Show at the Palace Theatre as well as the Grand Close-up Show’ and will also lecture.

PAUL ROMHANY (New Zealand) Charlie Chaplin lives in Paul Romhany. Paul has taken magical entertainment in a new direction by combining magic and theatre in an innovative and charming way. His famous Charlie Chaplin magic act is one of the most original and entertaining shows in magic today, delivered in the silent film star’s unique style. Paul is in demand all over the world and has performed for such distinguished audiences as the Royal Family of Monaco.  He keeps busy performing on high end cruise ships. (I prefer my cruise ship to be the same level at both ends!) We are delighted to have this sensational act perform at this year’s “International Battle of Magicians” on the ‘Big Headliner Show’ and will also lecture.

JAY MATTIOLI (New York) From Casino Showrooms to luxury cruise ships to television shows such as ‘America’s Got Talent’, Jay Mattioli’s unique style of illusions has captivated the imagination of millions of people of all ages.  Jay has appeared in over 20 countries and countless special events throughout the United States.
At 18 years of age Jay was hailed by the ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians’ as a ‘Champion of Magic’ and then in 2006 Jay was awarded 1st Prize at the ‘Society of American Magicians International Stage Competition’. (And speaking of awards... this year Jay was nominated for the "Best Use of Hair Product"!) We are pleased to have Jay back at the ‘Battle’ for a return by popular demand on the ‘Big Headliner Show’. Jay will also lecture.

HOWARD MINCONE (Pittsburgh) Take a physical comedian, a juggler and a very personable entertainer with boundless energy, a lightning fast wit, mix them together and what do you have? The funny and talented Howard Mincone. Howard started out in show business as a professional break dancer in the early eighties. (Unlike Richard Hughes who started out as a ‘broke necromancer’ in the late fifties.) Howard’s performance will combine movement, comic mime, stand-up comedy and juggling to present a hilarious and unique performance.  We are pleased to have Howard at this year’s ‘International Battle of MagiciansBig Headliner Show’.

RICHARD HUGHES (Ravenna) Richard is generally regarded as the world’s leading authority on feather flowers having manufactured them for over 25 years. He was bestowed the name of "The Feather Fakir". His effects and props have been used by such names in magic as Harry Blackstone Jr., Lance Burton, and Harry Anderson etc. Venues from Miss America Pageants to Theme Parks, circuses, television and motion pictures have benefitted from his high-quality products. Who better though to perform these beautiful effects than Richard himself?  You will get a rare opportunity to see him on stage at the ‘Palace Theatre on the ‘Big Headliner Show’ doing just that.  Be prepared to be dazzled! (That’s where they put little rhinestones on all your clothes!)

JIM KLEEFELD (Avon) A highly respected school assembly performer in the Fall and Winter, Jim spends most of his summer entertaining children at library reading programs in and around Ohio. Taking advantage of his wife’s expertise at sewing and design, he has been able to create costumes and props for his many themed magic shows. (If you ask nicely, she might be able to bedazzle your show costumes!) Jim believes in thorough professionalism, and spends a lot of time researching and studying magic of the past in order to make his historical performances as historically accurate as possible. You'll love learning how to theme your shows in Jim's lecture, and you're going to love watching this polished entertainer at this year’s “International Battle of MagiciansAll Star Extravaganzashow.

DUANE LAFLIN (Branson) The “Christian Illusionist” is a term that Duane originated for himself. His style is energetic and happy.  His wife Mary often says that Duane “never grew up”. (Have any of us?) Duane relates extremely well with children, yet, by way of his professional credentials, also connects in a strong way with teens and adults. He has been honored with many awards around the world from Singapore’s ‘Star of Magic’, to England’s ‘Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star’. He loves the Lord, loves his wife and loves his work. You’re going to love his work too as he performs on the Friday Night ‘All Star Extravaganza’. Don't miss his lecture where he'll share the secrets he's learned to performing in the corporate and theme-park markets.

MARK MILLER (Ohio) Mark has been doing Las Vegas style card magic and sleight of hand since 1992. (Boy his hands must be tired!) His quick wit and silver tongue will keep you entertained and laughing and his amazing sleight of hand will keep you mesmerized. (Just seeing someone with a silver tongue should keep your attention!) Along with his wife Debbie, they own and operate ‘Perfect Occasion Costumes & Magic’ in two locations in Ohio.  With a popular Dealer’s Room every year at the ‘Battle’, you have probably already enjoyed his impromptu performances behind the counter.  Now, you can see his remarkable talent at his hands-on ‘Playing Card Workshop’.

MATHEW DAVID STANLEY (Dayton)  Recently returning from headlining two weeks at the famous ‘Atlantis Resort’ in the Bahamas, we are pleased to have Mathew and his unique blend of entertainment at this year’s ‘Battle’.  Combining side-splitting stand-up comedy with mind-blowing magic will make him one of your favorites.  Mathew has won the prestigious ‘Lance Burton Award” presented in Las Vegas, the ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians Stage Champion Award’ as well as many other National and International titles. He has also been featured on NBC and Fox television. (And his living room features a television with NBC, Fox, and HGTV!) Mathew will MC and perform on the Friday Night ‘All Star Extravaganza’.

CHASTAIN CRISWELL (Charlotte) A self-proclaimed ‘King of the Road’, magician Chastain Criswell is one of a kind. (If you thought we brought Roger Miller back from the dead and you understood this reference, you are really old!)  Chastain has astounded audiences all over the United States for over 25 years.  His skills in comedy and magic will take you to new levels of fun and excitement.  From New York to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Miami audiences have loved the skills of Chastain Criswell.  Now the ‘Battle’ audience will have the opportunity to see him in person on 3 occasions. He will appear on the Friday Night ‘All Star Extravaganza, the ‘Grand Close-up Show’and will also lecture.

SEOL PARK (South Korea) Want awards? This young man has them. ‘FISM Asia Close-up Champion’; ‘FISM Italy 3rd Place’; ‘IBM/SAM Close-up SAM Champion’; ‘BIMF Close-up Champion; ‘UGM Close-up Champion’; ‘MacMillan International Close-up’ 2nd place and more. But see what Seol had to say about his award winning act…..“ 연말에 연인,가족,친구와 마술공연보러가는건 어떠세요연말에 연인,가족,친구와 마술공연보러가는건 어떠세요”. So there you have it!  Don’t miss this amazing performer's lecture and show at this year’s ‘International Battle of Magicians’.

TOM CRAVEN (Kent) With over 50 years of ‘magic experience’ (and no be-dazzled costumes), Tom will give you a truly ‘magic experience’ at the ‘Grand Close-up Show’. Tom’s credentials are too numerous to mention all of them. Here are a few: Tom received the first “Spirit of Magic’ award at the Magi-Fest in Columbus, guest of honor at F.F.F.F.; 10 time winner of IBM Ring 2 ‘Magician of the Year’ award; frequent performer at the famed ‘Magic Castle’ in Hollywood; Columnist in the ‘Linking Ring’ magazine and all around ‘nice guy’. You’ll get a chance to see for yourself as Tom will appear on the ‘Grand Close-up Show’ and also present his popular lecture.


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